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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels API: How to Post Videos to Reels Using a Social Media API

July 9, 2022

Instagram Reels are finally here! It is been a long time coming, but Instagram…

javascript array

How to Sequentially Resolve an Array of Promises in JavaScript

July 1, 2022

Sometimes you need to process an array of Promises in sequence. Here is how to do it in JavaScript with a for loop.

Twitter Notes

Introducing Twitter Notes: Long Form Essays Up to 2,500 Words + Edits

June 22, 2022

Twitter has publicly released a new post type that allows for long form writing.…

What is an API? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide And Mini Tutorial

August 3, 2022

So you want to build a website for cocktail recipes. You expect your users to search by drink name or ingredient, and get a few recipes based on what they pick?  How do you build this without writing up hundreds of cocktail recipes, and structuring the data in a database, and create all the logic…

Credit Cards Overview

A Better White Label Social Media Management Platform

September 27, 2021

A Better White Label Social Media Management Platform If your business needs its own credit card, one option is to start a bank and kick off negotiations with regulators and partners in the financial services industry. Or perhaps raise some…

Spintax Factory

What Is Spintax, And Why Is It Bad for SEO?

September 24, 2021

Social media platforms are utilized for more than sharing images of your children and vacations. It’s a prime component of businesses across all sectors to maximize their reach and SEO. This is both brick-and-mortar operations and online retailers.  Close to…

Cloudflare and Firebase

A Firebase Cloud Functions Cold Start Solution

September 22, 2021

A few weeks ago, one of the biggest recent Firebase features was quietly announced – a solution for the Firebase Cloud Functions cold start problem. If you use Cloud Functions, you know the issue very well: new instances of your…

Facebook Graph API

What’s New with Facebook Graph API and Marketing API Version 12.0

September 17, 2021

Please see the latest article on Facebook Graph API v13.0 and Marketing API v13.0. On September 14th, 2021 Facebook released their latest Graph API version 12.0 and Marketing API version 12.0. When Facebook releases an update to their social media…

Why not use a Social API

Why You Shouldn’t Use Ayrshare

September 10, 2021

We’re serious. There are really good reasons not to use Ayrshare for your social media management and scheduling. Simply put, if you spend hours creating amazing creative content then you should probably spend the few minutes required to manually post…

Firebase Email Extension

Emailing with Firebase: The Trigger Email Extension

September 10, 2021

How to send emails from Firebase with the Trigger Email extension. We’ve all done it 1,000 times: you build a new app and need to add dynamic email functionality. But is seem like every time you’re re-inventing the wheel; setup…