Instagram and Twitter Character Counter Tool

Instagram character counter

Have you ever composed the perfect Tweet or Instagram caption and are blocked because the post is over the character limit? What is going on…the character count seems fine?!? Just how many characters are allowed? In this article, find out how you can calculate the exact weighted length using a character counter tool so you…

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Pinterest API Integration on Ayrshare

Pinterest API Integration

You’ve been asking for it and now it is finally here…our Pinterest API integration is available on Ayrshare. Pinterest’s User Based is Growing…mostly Pinterest is one of the premier social media networks, with 454 million active monthly users. It has seen continuous growth, well, except for Q2 2021 that became a slight misstep. Pinterest has…

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A Better White Label Social Media Management Platform

Credit Cards Overview

A Better White Label Social Media Management Platform If your business needs its own credit card, one option is to start a bank and kick off negotiations with regulators and partners in the financial services industry. Or perhaps raise some capital and buy a bank. Yikes! This is quite a bit of effort for something…

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What’s New with Facebook Graph API and Marketing API Version 12.0

Facebook API

On September 14th, 2021 Facebook released their latest Graph API version 12.0 and Marketing API version 12.0. When Facebook releases an update to their social media APIs, it is important to pay attention since they often contain new features, major bug fixes, or breaking changes. Here is what is new with the APIs. Overall, this…

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Instagram Banned Hashtags to Avoid in 2021

A list of Instagram Banned Hashtags to avoid using in 2021. Hashtags on Instagram are an incredibly powerful business discovery strategy and can be a key part of your marketing plan. Hashtags allow you to communicate with your follows and be discovered by new ones. However, Instagram has been cracking down certain hashtags they deem…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Ayrshare

We’re serious. There are really good reasons not to use Ayrshare for your social media management and scheduling. Simply put, if you spend hours creating amazing creative content then you should probably spend the few minutes required to manually post it to all your social networks. There are many great tools which will let you…

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Top 7 Social Login APIs For 2021

sso login

Social Sign-On APIs Let Apps Authenticate Users Seamlessly Social login is a way to use the authentication and security of someone’s social network account to make it easier to log in to other sites, like your own app. You can integrate directly with the social networks or use an integrated social media API login solution.…

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Twitter Launches Spaces API for Live Audio Conversations

Twitter Spaces API

Twitter has updated their API V2 with Spaces lookup and discovery API endpoints for live audio conversations. Twitter hopes the launch of the Spaces API with live audio conversations will spark 3rd party app integrations and innovations that popularize Spaces. Introduced last year, Twitter Spaces is a new way to live stream audio conversations on…

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Top 3 Reasons Real Estate Social Media Video Posts Drive Business

Real Estate agents looking to engage buyers, find new listing, and drive their business need to consider posting beautiful and professional videos to social media. Videos are one of the most powerful engagement tools in a real estate agent’s social media arsenal. In today’s COVID environment new friction points exist on seeing a home. Potential…

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