Schedule Social Media Posts from Notion

We’ll be discussing how to integrate Notion to the Ayrshare API in order to quickly and easily schedule social media posts from Notion. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to create and organize your social media post content in a Notion database and have an Ayrshare integration to handle posting on the appropriate social media platforms.

Raise your hand if you use Notion to run your business – Backlog boards, shared docs, or data repositories (CMS). You’re not alone – we use Notion as part of our daily work flow – and the number of creative Notion applications amazes, such as you can build your entire blog in Notion.

One popular use-case is scheduling posts to multiple social media accounts from Notion instead of using one of the many social media scheduling tools or directly hitting the Instagram API, YouTube API, Facebook API, etc. You create a schedule social media posts, such as your latest promotions, in either a table, board, or social media calendar. When the post is approved mark it as ready for publishing. Let’s see how to send a post from Notion using Ayrshare’s social media scheduling API. If you want to skip the article, head over to our Notion integration guide or watch the Youtube video.

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What is Notion

Notion is a one-stop shop productivity tool that helps individuals and teams keep track of their content all in a single place. It allows users to create and organize content on its simple, yet powerful platform. Users can create anything from notes, tasks, projects, and databases and any of these can be integrated with third-party tools as well. Collaboration is a cinch as multiple users can work on the same piece of information. Notion also provides a powerful API endpoints that allows developers to build their own integrations and automations to fit your particular use case for agencies, social media marketing teams, or social managers. All of this comes in a user-friendly interface that makes accessing these features a breeze.  Because of this ease and feature-richness, it has quickly become a go-to solution for students, professionals, and personal users.


Why You Want to Post from Notion

There is no escaping the power of social media in today’s world. Having an efficient workflow for your business, organization, or personal use is paramount in order to get your message out there. Notion and Ayrshare can integrate with each other to provide one such workflow that can allow you to make as many social media posts as you would like from a single place without the need for another social media tool. Notion’s user-friendly interface and the Ayrshare API’s versatility and power is a potent combination that can change the game for your team.

How to Set Up Notion for Social Posting

Follow the instructions to connect Notion to Ayrshare. As an overview, you will be creating a database in Notion that will contain all the content for each social media post, the social media network destinations, and the status. This database will have the following columns and column types:

  • Post as Title column type (you don’t have a choice here with the column type)
  • Platforms as Multi Select column type with values: facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, tiktok, and/or telegram.
  • Images as Files & Media column type .
  • Profile Keys as Text column type.

Status as Text column type.

Each row in this database will be a single post, having a column for the status of the post.

notion database

Then, you can create an internal integration in Notion and connect it to this database. 

notion new integration
notion and ayrshare

Finally, you can run a script that will schedule posts to the appropriate social media platform for every row that has a status of ‘pending’. If successful, the status will change to ‘success’. In the Notion database, you can create as many rows as you want, and even include images and videos, using Notion’s quick and easy-to-use interface. 

Node.js Notion Example

Notion + API

How hard is it to customize Notion into a social media scheduler? As we saw, it is as easy as filling up a Notion database and doing some minimal configuration to integrate the database with Ayrshare’s API. With this quick and easy set up, your team’s social media workflow will be streamlined for collaboration and productivity. 

For more content on the Ayrshare API and other workflows to make social media posts, take a look at some of our other API blog posts.