A Custom Link In Bio Page via API

Create a customized Ayrlink personal bio page using the leading social media API. Share products, websites, content, and more on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


What is an Ayrlink Link In Bio Page?

Each of your users gets a custom URL which they can add to their bios on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social networks. This links to their mobile-optimized web page and showcases their social network links, as well as custom links to their online presence.

ayrlink API fields

One API Call To Make A Custom Page

Create a custom bio page with a unique handle, profile photo, background image, social accounts, and custom links to your websites. Drive traffic to your social properties or your e-commerce site, newsletter signup page, or any other website.

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Learn the full capabilities of Ayrlink in the docs. Add all of your important social media links including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, GitHub, and Pinterest.

Check out the Ayrshare bio page for inspiration.

Build Microsite Pages For All Your Users

With a simple API call, your users can create their dedicated page right in your platform. Increase the traffic to all of the user's social sites and landing pages.

Included With Ayrshare

All Ayrshare users have access to create own Ayrlink pages for themselves and their users. Check if your handle is available and create the page with a simple REST API call.

Share Your Ayrlink Anywhere

Add your Ayrlink microsite URL on the bio page of each of your social network profiles, in your email signature, and on your blog. Make it easy for your followers to find your business all the time.

Auto Link Social Accounts

Ayrlink pages can auto-link all your user's connected social accounts. For example, if they have linked Instagram and TikTok for Ayrshare posting, then those can automatically be added to their Ayrlink bio page.