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Facebook API Integration

Ayrshare provides a straightforward and secure solution for your users to manage their social media accounts directly from your platform. This includes publishing posts, accessing detailed analytics, handling comments, and overall account management.

Check out the great features of the Facebook API Integration.


Publish posts immediately or schedule for future dates. Auto scheduling allows for pre-defined posting scheduling calendars per user.


Facebook Pages

Post to Facebook Pages. Pages let followers get updates from a Business in their feed.



Reels on Facebook can consist of music, audio, effects and more. Easily publish Facebook Reels directly to your page.



Carousel images allow you to post a horizontal series of images with a link at the end to direct the user to your website.


Rich Media Support

Posting supports text, rich text, images, videos, carousels, Reels, media captions, alternative text, video thumbnails, video titles, and animated gifs.


Facebook Page Mentions

You can mention another Facebook Page, also known as Facebook Tagging, by including the Facebook Page name or Page ID in the post text.



Get real-time analytical data for posts and social accounts, such as clicks, likes, shares, followers, and impressions.



Get the historical posts for your users, including those not posted via Ayrshare.


Build smarter with the Ayrshare Facebook API Integration

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Product or Platform

Your clients, your brand, with our transparent, secure solution.

Post on Behalf of Your Users to Their Social Accounts

Post immediately or schedule for a future date. Validate content before sending to the social networks.

Manage Multiple Brand and User Profiles via an API

Create and delete user profiles via the Social API. Get user analytics and profile data.

The Ultimate Social Media Management Toolkit

Ayrshare provides all the integration tools you need to connect and manage your user's social media. A great API design, easy-to-use SDKs, and comprehensive documentation all combine to make it the best choice.

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secure auth

Secure User Management and Authentication Built-in

Ayrshare uses OAuth and JWT for secure, transparent integration. Your users can easily authorize their social networks and you an begin posting and getting analytics on their behalf. Rely on Ayrshare's industry leading Social Media API platform to keep your users safe when managing their social accounts.