Leveraging Ayrshare: Go Beyond Basic Social Media API Integration

We are often asked, “Why choose Ayrshare over developing direct integrations with individual social media platforms?”

In this article, we explain what you get with Ayrshare and how it is better than building your own API integrations with the social media platforms.

More Than Table Stakes

Ayrshare does more than just mirror the core capabilities you get with building your own integrations. Whether it’s posting to platforms, managing comments, accessing historical posts, or analyzing metrics, Ayrshare not only supports, but significantly enhances these core workflows.

How Ayrshare Works

Ayrshare flow

Ayrshare has a straight forward workflow that allows your users to connect their social accounts on 10 social networks. Once your users connect their account, you can make API calls on their behalf to publish posts, get analytics, manage their comments, and more.

Everything is Enhanced

Even in these seemingly simple API calls, Ayrshare offers more than what you get with the direct APIs. A few examples how the Ayrshare calls are more powerful.

  1. Post Scheduling: Ayrshare offers scheduling via the Ayrshare server so posts are held and then processed at the future time. There is also a webhook response when the post is published. Most of the social networks do not offer native scheduling and webhooks.
  2. Post Verification: When you send a post via Ayrshare, the content goes through a robust set of technical and content checks that will return detailed error messages on how to correct any errors. The social networks generally have no details in their error messages, which is challenging for your developers and end users.
  3. History with Analytics: All the social networks have history endpoints, which provide some level of data. The Ayrshare team has enhanced many of these endpoints to provide deeper history with more analytics data than you get via the direct calls.

Above and Beyond

Ayrshare doesn’t stop at merely enhancing core workflows; you also get capabilities that no social network offers via their APIs. Check out some of these additional capabilities

  1. Auto-schedule: Create a schedule for each of your users. For example, you can create a schedule to only post at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM. Send over posts and they get slotted at the appropriate times for the next several days or weeks.
  2. AI Generate: Have the Chat GPT-4 engine write a post for you or give you a few recommendations on rewrite options for your post text. You can even have your video or audio file transcribed and summarized.
  3. Approval Workflows: If you need to have posts reviewed before publishing, you can set an approval flag to only send once approved.
  4. Ayrlink: Create a beautiful ‘link in bio‘ page for your users. This is a single page website that it optimized for mobile and has all the links relevant to that user like their social account pages or website. Great for putting in Instagram and TikTok bios.
  5. Hashtags: Ayrshare can recommend hashtags to use for your post, and you can even have hashtags automatically added into your post. Get more engagement without spending time to analyze which hashtags to include.
  6. Media Hosting: You need publicly accessible URLs to post videos and images to the social networks. If you do not have media hosting, Ayrshare can handle it. Just upload your media files and Ayrshare returns a URL you can use.
  7. Image Templates: Use of the included templates or create your own. The image template includes multiple image and text fields which come together to create useful graphics to post to social.
  8. Webhooks: Stay informed about when your users link or unlink their social accounts and when a scheduled post goes live, thanks to our webhook feature.

So Much More

You get more than just great features. You gain speed with your time-to-market, leverage a trusted industry solution, and reduce your ongoing costs.

  • Get to market quickly with a lower build cost. Avoid spinning up a dedicated development team. There is no need to spend time on complex approval and permission processes, and you do not have to pay the social networks for API access.
  • Reliable and trusted by the best companies. Ensure that your social integrations work from day one since you don’t have to discover all the pitfalls yourself. You also get to leverage Ayrshare’s special partnerships for features you can’t easily get yourself.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance and support costs. Let Ayrshare handle the continuous stream of new API versions and features from each of the social networks. No need for you to staff a permanent support team.

As you can see, Ayrshare is much more than just a pass-through to the social networks for your social media management. It’s a comprehensive toolset that enhances, simplifies, and powers the social media workflows your users need. You get this while saving cost, time, and complexity. With Ayrshare API endpoints, you’re empowered to build vibrant, effective social media workflows in record time.