Social Media Analytics API

Get real-time analytical data for your brands, users, posts, videos, and links. For developers and businesses of all sizes.


Get The Analytics Data You Need

Ayrshare’s Social Media Analytics API allows your platform, such as a SaaS, CRM, DAM, agency, to obtain insights about your users’ social accounts, posts, and trends. Specifically, you can measure and analyze your users’ content performance and engagement, such as video views, likes, link clicks, and shares, and the influence of your users.

Build Comprehensive Performance Summaries

Get your users the answers to their performance in real time

Generate Custom Reports

Eliminate data wrangling and costly manual errors

Inform Your Social Media Strategy

Use the data as feedback to continuously improve the strategy you present your users.

The Analytics API can easily be integrated with your platform or or fed into your business intelligence tools.

Detailed Social Data Analytics

Get likes, shares, video views, comments, and impressions for multiple social media networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

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Historical Data

Historical analytics data so you can track and analyze trends*. For example, has your influencer been increasing engagement over the past 12 months?

social media history api

Link Shortener Analytics

Advanced analytics on clicks and impressions of links using Ayrshare’s free link shortener.


Great Docs

Amazing API documentation, SDK packages, and support to make the integration easy.

Easy To Integrate

Dig deeper by integrating with your social media analytics tool or BI system.

*Available for Enterprise Clients

See The Analytics API Video Demo