Top 7 Social Login APIs For 2021

Social Sign-On APIs Let Apps Authenticate Users Seamlessly

Social login is a way to use the authentication and security of someone’s social network account to make it easier to log in to other sites, like your own app. You can integrate directly with the social networks or use an integrated social media API login solution. Even if you do not need to post on behalf of your users on the social network, you can use just the authentication service on the social networks.

It means if a user is already signed into one of their social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, GitHub, or Twitter, then they will not need to sign up for a new account on another site. They can just use their existing social site login.

Social login reduces the friction of new users signing up, one click and they are in, and takes the burden of forgotten passwords off your shoulders.

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Implementing Social Login

Social login relies on OAuth 2.0, which does not require the user to share their credentials with any third party site. This process allows the social network to be an identity provider and issue tokens to the app with the user’s approval.

When you are implementing social login, you will add a button with “Sign in with Facebook”, “Sign in with Twitter”, or even “Sign in with GitHub”. The user clicks that button, logs into that social network, and accepts the permissions grant for the app. Then the social network confirms that user identity and the app can proceed with actions that honor those permissions.

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Benefits Of Social Login

  1. Simpler Login. Users often do not want to set up a new login with another password for your app. Using their existing social account makes it easier and faster to login and removes the need to create a new dedicated account and password.
  2. User Trust. Users are generally familiar with the social login process since it is common across many apps. Users have the ability to revoke the permissions for any app from the social identity provider site.
  3. Free Authentication. Apps can use the social media API logins of the various social media platforms for free. It’s a win-win since this process makes each social network more sticky with their users while the app gets a great free login flow.
  4. Free Data. Every social network offers a different data set about the user. After the login process is completed, the app may be able to access the user’s profile photo, email address, age, and other data.

The Top Social Login APIs


Auth0 is now owned by Okta, and offers enterprises identity solutions for their users and customers. The Auth0 solution simplifies the various APIs into a unified call and response. They support 30+ social providers including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Box, and Salesforce.

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Firebase is a PaaS, Platform as a Service, offered by Google. Firebase handles web hosting, analytics, serverless cloud functions, and of course social login. They support Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub.

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LoginRadius offers identity solutions for both B2C and B2B platforms. They support Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, and Github. Each of their plan tiers supports a different set of social providers.

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miniOrange offers identity solutions for company employees and customers. Their SSO Platform includes social login, multiple site login, and shared login. They support Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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Okta is a publicly traded company with over 10,000 customers. The platform supports many identity solutions for an enterprise including social. The current social integration they support are Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Features of Okta Social Login includes user registration profile capture from the social identity provider, user authentication, social profile sync, multiple social profiles links, and OAuth 2.9

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OneAll provides social network integration, and customer identity solutions. Their Social Login offering is offered via plugins and an API. They support 40 social login providers including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Linkedin, YouTube, and Reddit.

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OneLogin provides an identity platform for employee and customer logins. They have over 5,000 customers. The OneLogin experience platform supports social login.

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Should You Offer Social Login

Your own app and business needs might be different, but the general trend has been sites offering at least one social login. In fact, some sites have even gone as far as only offering social login and no way to sign up with email. If you are considering social login, then the social media platforms authentication offerings are a great option. Make sure to pick a provider that supports all the popular social media platforms you need.