Twitter Account Activity API

Access and interact with real-time Twitter data. Connect to Twitter's stream of data, delivering real-time updates related to a specific user's account activity.

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The Comprehensive Twitter Monitoring Solution

Use webhooks to push these updates to your application. Simply register a webhook URL, and any activity related to the accounts you're monitoring gets sent to that URL. This means you don't need to constantly poll for updates. This can be useful for applications that need to be notified of changes in real time, such as customer support or security monitoring systems.

User account activity monitoring

Track real-time events such as tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, likes, and follows involving the account. Monitor the activity of your own account, or the accounts of your customers, employees, or competitors.

Direct messages

Receive real-time updates about Direct Messages associated with the account. This includes sent, received, and deleted messages, as well as read receipts and typing indicators. Keep track of conversations to ensure that important messages are not missed.

Account changes

Get changes to the user's account settings, such as email and phone number changes, changes to the profile or privacy settings, and more. This information can be used to keep track of account security.

You can subscribe to activity from multiple accounts, allowing you to monitor several accounts through a single API connection. This is useful for applications that need to track the activity of a large number of users, such as social media monitoring tools or marketing analytics platforms.

Full List of Activity Types

Tweets (by user)

@mentions (of user)

Retweets (by user or of user)

Quote Tweets (by user or of user)

Retweets of Quoted Tweets (by user or of user)

Mutes & Unmutes (by user)

Typing indicators (to user)

Read receipts (to user)

Tweet deletes (by user)

Replies (to or from user)

Likes (by user or of user)

Follows & Unfollows (by user or of user)

Blocks & Unblocks (by user)

Direct Messages sent & received (by user)

Subscription revokes (by user)