Announcing The Ayrshare WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress site and social media accounts, then it’s likely that you want to get your WordPress posts sent to those social accounts.

Now, you can use the Ayrshare WordPress plugin to do just that!

This first version of the plugin was built to be the easiest solution in the market. Simply install the plugin, link your social accounts, activate it, and you are done. Every WordPress post you publish going forward will automatically be published on the social account that you linked.

Check out how easy it really is in this 3 minute video.

YouTube player

We have some great ideas on how to continue to enhance this plugin. This version has the following key features:

  1. Continuous Posting: The plugin checks your WordPress posts every 10 minutes. If there was a new post found, it sends it to all of your connected social accounts.
  2. Connect Six Social Media Networks: Your account includes a connection to every supported social network. Include Twitter, Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Telegram.
  3. Auto Hashtags: Automatically generate hashtags for posts based on the most relevant keywords. Takes into account real-time hashtag popularity.

Get it now for the special summer 2022 launch pricing. And if you are an agency or manage multiple WordPress sites, then get in touch for a volume discount.