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shadow banned

Instagram Banned Hashtags to Avoid in 2022

May 3, 2022

A list of Instagram Banned Hashtags to avoid using in 2022. Hashtags on Instagram…

best times

Best Times & Frequency to Post on Social Media Networks

April 29, 2022

These are the best times to publish on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! Posting…

top 10 apis

Top 10 Social Media APIs for Developers

April 5, 2022

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been tasked with sending scheduled posts to various social media…


Social Media Demographics Comparison

May 5, 2022

We looked at the data from numerous sources to understand the demographics of some of the most popular social networks. In this analysis we focused on the age group and gender. Social media demographics are important to understand when you are putting your strategy together for your marketing focus. Understanding the differences between the social…

Instagram character counter

Instagram and Twitter Character Counter Tool

November 24, 2021

Have you ever composed the perfect Tweet or Instagram caption and are blocked because the post is over the character limit? What is going on…the character count seems fine?!? Just how many characters are allowed? In this article, find out…

podcast on instagram

How To Share a Podcast on Instagram

November 5, 2021

How do you share a podcast on Instagram? You can’t directly upload an audio file to Instagram stories or a feed, but there are ways to easily share your latest podcast episode, such as an Audiogram. When Instagram was launched…

Bubble IO No Code Review

The Definitive Bubble Review: A Flexible No Code App Builder Growing Over 50%

November 3, 2021

An In-Depth Review of the No Code App Builder No code app builders are all the rage in application development and have been gaining significant traction in the market. These powerful tools allow you to quickly build applications, web…

Pinterest API Integration

Pinterest API Integration on Ayrshare

October 29, 2021

You’ve been asking for it and now it is finally here…our Pinterest API integration is available on Ayrshare. Pinterest’s User Based is Growing…mostly Pinterest is one of the premier social media networks, with 454 million active monthly users. It has…

what is social media

What is Social Media?

October 25, 2021

When asked what social media is, there are a lot of answers. It’s a group of social networking sites where subscribers connect with old and new friends. It’s a tool used in the marketing efforts of various organizations. It helps…

Cloudflare and Firebase

Why You Should Put a CDN Like Cloudflare in Front of Firebase

October 22, 2021

There are three good reasons you should consider putting a CDN like Cloudflare in front of Firebase Firebase is an amazing comprehensive platform that takes care of a lot of your infrastructure needs without you needing to lift a finger.…