Ayrshare Integrations

Save your team's time by connecting with one of the Ayrshare integrations. Schedule posts, get analytics, add comments, and so much more.


Airtable is a low-code platform that lets you automate your social media management

ayrlink icon


Create a link in bio page for your users.

bubble icon


Bubble.io is a no code platform has an easy to use API Connector to drive your social workflows.

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Facebook API

Post and get analytics on Facebook Pages.

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Install the Flutter package from pub.dev.

icon google

Google Business Profile API

Post, get analytics, and update your Google Business Profile across Google services.

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Test your API requests with Hurl

Instagram API

Post to Instagram including images, carousels, Reels, and get analytics.

LinkedIn API

Post and get analytics on your Linkedin pages.

icon make

Make (Integromat)

Make is a no code platform has many connectors to drive your social workflows.

Node.js NPM

Install the Social API NPM Package if you use Node.js on the server-side.

notion icon


Post to your social accounts from a Notion no-code database page.


Post to all your social accounts from the Oracle Content Management system.

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Pinterest API

Post pins and get analytics on your Pinterest boards.

postman icon


Test your REST API calls with Postman

icon pypi


Install the Social-Post-API PyPI Package if you use Python on the server-side.

Reddit API

Post rich media to a subreddit you choose, and get analytics.

icon retool


Retool low-code and no-code solutions to automate social media.

telegram icon

Telegram API

Post to Telegram groups and channels. Text, images, and videos.

TikTok API

Post and get analytics on your TikTok account.


Automatically publish your WordPress posts to all of your social media accounts using the Ayrshare plugin.

The x icon on a black background.

X / Twitter API

Post, get analytics, and send threads, and more on Twitter.

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YouTube API

Post your videos and get detailed analytics on the largest online video platform.