Why did Hootsuite Raise Prices 1200%?

A huge increase for their long time users is met with angst.

Recently long time Hootsuite users got an email informing them that starting June 1st, 2021 their monthly cost would increase from $5.99 to $75. Some users have been customers for over a decade, so this news certainly comes as a shock.

Here is the letter:

Hootsuite Raised Prices
Source: Twitter

That is a lot to swallow and Twitter was not happy about it:

Why the increase?

A great article by Kristian Downer gives details, but here is our take:

Hootsuite is practicing typical business practice. Ten years ago I’m sure a $5.99/mo user was an awesome account for them. Now their focus is on agencies and companies that pay the 4-5 figures a month. They probably don’t really even want a $75/mo account.

This large increase isn’t a cost of service adjustments (e.g. if they increased from $5.99 to $9.99/mo after 10 years), it is a we don’t want these users anymore. Without these early $5.99/mo users there would be no Hootsuite.

Will Hootsuite roll back the change? If enough bad press happens then they might, but don’t count on it.

Of course an alternative to Hootsuite is Ayrshare. We make it easy to post to social media via an API for yourself or on behalf of your users.