Instagram and Twitter Character Counter Tool

Instagram character counter

Have you ever composed the perfect Tweet or Instagram caption and are blocked because the post is over the character limit? What is going on…the character count seems fine?!? Just how many characters are allowed? In this article, find out how you can calculate the exact weighted length using a character counter tool so you…

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How To Share a Podcast on Instagram

podcast on instagram

How do you share a podcast on Instagram? You can’t directly upload an audio file to Instagram stories or a feed, but there are ways to easily share your latest podcast episode, such as an Audiogram. When Instagram was launched in October of 2010 it was already several steps beyond the older social media platforms…

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Top 5 Tips To Optimize Your Instagram Posting in 2021

insta phone

We are always reading industry research to help our clients get the best results from their organic social media strategies, and a big topic are optimizing Instagram posts and Instagram Stories to increase engagement. By taking some time to focus your Instagram SEO efforts, you can quickly build your audience and engagement. Here are some…

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Instagram Banned Hashtags to Avoid in 2021

A list of Instagram Banned Hashtags to avoid using in 2021. Hashtags on Instagram are an incredibly powerful business discovery strategy and can be a key part of your marketing plan. Hashtags allow you to communicate with your follows and be discovered by new ones. However, Instagram has been cracking down certain hashtags they deem…

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