What Is Spintax, And Why Is It Bad for SEO?

Social media platforms are utilized for more than sharing images of your children and vacations. It’s a prime component of businesses across all sectors to maximize their reach and SEO. This is both brick-and-mortar operations and online retailers. 

Close to 97% of Fortune 500 companies have a presence on at least one social media platform. However, it’s the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that rely on the services for low-cost marketing. There are many strategies to improve posts including hashtags and images. In addition, they utilize processes like Spintax to develop huge amounts of content and improve their SEO.

What Is Spintax?

Spintax refers to the concept of article spinning or spinning syntax. In simpler terms, it means rotating words in existing material to create “new” content. Hypothetically, it allows you to generate a large number of posts from an initial post. 

Take the following as a spintaxexample:

Good morning! How are you today? Can I give you a call this afternoon?

Through spintax, several words are changed to produce different versions of the content so it doesn’t seem like spam.

  • Good day. How are you these days? Could I give you a call later today?
  • Hello, and how are things going? May I reach out to you sometime this afternoon?
  • How are you doing this fine morning? How about we connect sometime this afternoon?

Although this could be done through manual editing, businesses rely on applications that respin the material when the personnel resources aren’t available. These tools analyze the given information. Through algorithms, the applications make subtle changes to establish something seemingly different. 

The Benefits?

Those who regularly utilize spintax report several benefits of the practice. Beyond saving time for content development, it could improve a business’s positioning in Google’s SEO ranking and could avoid duplicate content. Furthermore, it could minimize the risk of account lockouts if social media platforms tag the messages as spam.

However, these benefits aren’t all they seem to be.

The Disadvantages

The above sounds great. You maximize productivity while social media posts are continually generated. Yet, in the end, it’s bad for your business and your customers. Here are the reasons why. 

Disadvantages of Spintax

Awkward Syntax 

When content is placed in a spintax tool its algorithm examines the SEO structure. In other words, it focuses on keyword richness and re-writes the content to use optimized, synonymous words. Thus, the piece’s vocabulary and natural flow become awkward. In turn, the reader stops mid-way through the item. They have an underlying sense it was written by either a computer or a person who isn’t a native English speaker. This is a major turn-off for customers.

Social Media Knows Better

Today’s social networks have highly receptive algorithms. They quickly detect if your content is truly original or simply spinning syntax. If the latter, the platform algorithm lowers your post’s reach. In a worst-case scenario, the social network locks or suspends your account for spamming. Then no one sees your content.


Although you think article spinning saves you time, in the end, it instills a sense of laziness into your business. 

It’s similar to the concept behind selling books on social media streams. When people take the spintax route they try to find different ways to say “Buy My Book!” Simply put, this discourages potential customers from making a purchase.

Conversely, when an author provides informative content about themselves, the book, and the characters, then it draws in readers and quickly converts them to customers. The reason is the writer educates them as to the benefits of purchasing their book. 

Failure of SEO strategies

The above reasons represent the failure of your SEO strategy, which should be to have Google and other search browsers read and highly rank your material. It doesn’t do this when its algorithms find duplication within your social network posts.

Good content must be your focus. It should engage your audience with thoughtful and relevant content. When you simply spin syntax to repeat yourself you dissuade both algorithms and human readers.

Good content must be your focus. It should engage your audience with thoughtful and relevant content. When you simply spin syntax to repeat yourself you dissuade both algorithms and human readers.

The Alternative To Spintax

The artificial intelligence of social media and search engines has improved. Thus, there’s no need to overwhelm your platforms with recycled information. Well-written posts that encourage readers to learn and share do much more for your SEO rankings. And you can even publish these posts directly to the social network with a social API.

If you want to write unique content, you should look into our new API tools to create social post with AI and ChatGPT. This tool takes your article or post and rewrites it well beyond word replacement.